So who says that choosing the healthy option has to mean bland and boring meal times? When it comes to eating well, superfoods are usually the tastiest. Because what they lack in highly concentrated processed sugars they more than make up for with bursts of natural flavors. Here are ten of the best.

Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Peppers

Not only do red peppers taste good and look fantastically exotic on your plate, red bell peppers are also a genuine superfood, containing around the same amount of vitamin C as TWO oranges! Now that’s value for money.


You won’t find too much meat in our superfood list, what they provide in proteins can often be negated by a higher fat content. Turkey’s high ratio of protein to saturated fat is impressive when the skin is removed. It is a wonderful source of zinc. Last but not least, it provides a decent dose of selenium to help boost your immune system.


Oats have an amazing, stabilizing effect on your body and metabolism. Eating a bowl of porridge oats every day for breakfast can reduce cholesterol by almost a quarter, while their slow release of sugars allows your body to regulate blood sugar levels. If you think that oats are too plain to make it onto our tasty superfoods list, keep reading for some more ingredients that are great for adding more flavor to your porridge.



When people try to shave calories from their daily intake, dairy products are often the first to go. But yoghurt is a legitimate superfood, with benefits that far outweigh its fat content. With probiotics that could aid digestion and promote a healthy gut, Yoghurt can also help to boost the immune system. Rich in calcium and protein, yoghurt is a great addition to any healthy diet.


Pound for pound, rabbit is the leanest source of protein you can find, meaning you can maintain muscle mass whilst shedding the pounds.


The bright yellow powdered root that gives so many Indian curry dishes its vivid color is also a potent anti-inflammatory that is so effective, it is currently being studied by pharmaceutical companies who hope to adapt it into a medicine. Inflammation is thought to be a major underlying cause for a range of health issues.


The distinctive taste of ginger is strong and fiery and instantly recognizable. The root has been used both medicinally and in foods for hundreds of years and its health benefits are as powerful as its flavor. Rich in anti-inflammatory gingerols, ginger is also used by many people as a natural remedy for muscle aches and soreness.



Often considered the ultimate superfood, blueberries just go to prove that the healthier something is, the tastier it is, too. The sweet, juicy berries have their distinctive color thanks to their high level of anti-inflammatory flavonoids. They are also high in vitamin C. So put them in your porridge at breakfast time tomorrow!


Not only is garlic delicious in pasta sauce, it is also an effective remedy for high blood pressure. As if that wasn’t enough, garlic in its raw form contains high levels of allicin, a potent compound with antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties.


If, after all of that, you are still not convinced that the healthiest foods are also the tastiest, we present to you honey. A natural antibacterial and antiseptic still used medicinally to this day, honey is the healthiest natural sweetener on the planet. Added to the fact that it never goes off, and you have no excuse not to keep a jar of the sweetest superfood in the back of your cupboard.